Medicaid places a lien against the estate of a nursing home resident, hoping to get back some of the money he paid. We help clients reduce or eliminate the lien through proper planning.


Find Assistance When Planning for Long-Term Care

 The high cost of nursing home care has made long-term planning a critical issue for nearly all middle class seniors and their families. A senior’s savings can be depleted very quickly, leading to financial crisis. One way to address this kind of concern is through proper Medicaid planning with the help of an experienced lawyer. The Law Office of Scott C. Painter, P.C. will leverage over 25 years’ experience to assist you with your planning process!

Get the guidance you need to form a sound plan

You may have to quickly place a senior loved one in a nursing home. Even with little notice, there are last-minute Medicaid planning tools to help you protect some of the senior’s assets or to create protection for a healthy spouse. It is important that you seek legal help, as certain asset or property moves may imperil your right to Medicaid coverage.

How can a lawyer help you plan?