How to Best Deal with Personal Affairs When a Loved One Dies

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Many families come to us when a loved one is nearing the end of their life or recently dies. A common question is “What do I need to do when my parent dies?”

The following list may help you stay focused and organized at a time of great loss.

Things to do when a person dies:

  • Notify family and close friends
  • Arrange for emotional and physical support of spouse, children, etc.
  • Consider donation of organs if appropriate
  • Notify attending physician, coroner or hospice
  • Notify executor
  • Arrange care for pets
  • Lock or secure residence if needed
  • Cancel home deliveries (newspapers, magazines, etc.), hold mail
  • Arrange for care or disposal of perishables (food, plants, etc.)
  • Find and review the expressed funeral and burial wishes
  • Prepare and arrange obituary
  • Arrange for mortuary, cemetery, burial cremation
  • Arrange funeral/burial/memorial service
  • Keep records of all payment for funeral and expenses
  • Locate safe deposit box, wills, life insurance policies, important documents
  • Notify social security, Medicaid and other agencies
  • Investigate social security benefits, life insurance, union death benefits, veteran’s burial allowance, etc.
  • Investigate Keogh & IRA accounts, business arrangements, and investments
  • Meet with attorney and accountant regarding the estate
  • Contact Life Insurance agent
  • Obtain Death Certificates (ask attorney how many are needed) – usually 6 or more
  • With attorney and accountant, prepare list of accounts and debts
  • Review credit cards and cancel as appropriate
  • DO NOT pay any debts until attorney discusses with family or executor
  • Arrange for final

The above list may not completely cover your circumstances but it should be a good start. If you have questions about the legal aspects of a will, trust, estate or other matters please call our office at 610-378-5140.

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