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Are You a Veteran Considering Returning to Work?

In the Reading / Berks County area, as in other areas around the country, the COVID pandemic has wreaked havoc with the employment situation. Employers are practically begging people to come to work, offering monetary and other incentives to lure workers.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers programs such as educational and career counseling for qualified veterans and their dependents. The Law Office of Scott C. Painter can help you determine eligibility, assist with paperwork, and help you navigate the process of receiving all the VA benefits you are entitled to.

Two benefits we would like to highlight are Education and Career Counseling and Veteran Readiness and Employment.

Personalized Career Planning and Guidance (PCPG), or VA Chapter 36, offers free educational and career guidance, planning, and resources to Veterans and their dependents who are eligible for a VA education benefit.

You may be eligible for these services if one of the following is true. You:

  • will be discharged under conditions other than dishonorable from active duty within 6 months, or
  • separated from active duty under conditions other than dishonorable not more than one year ago, or
  • qualify as a Veteran or service member for educational assistance under a VA educational program, or
  • are a service member, veteran, or dependent, currently eligible for VA education benefits.

What benefits can I get?

  • Career counseling to help you decide which civilian or military jobs you want
  • Educational counseling to help you find a training program or field of study
  • Academic and adjustment counseling to help you address issues or barriers that get in the way of your success
  • Resume support and goal planning 

If you have a service-connected disability that limits your ability to work or prevents you from working, Veteran Readiness and Employment (formerly called Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment) can help. This program — also known as Chapter 31 or VR&E — helps you explore employment options and address training needs. In some cases, your family members may also qualify for certain benefits.
For service members and Veterans with service-connected disabilities

VR&E tracks for service members and Veterans Explore VR&E support-and-services tracks for help learning new skills, finding a new job, starting a business, getting educational counseling, or returning to your former job.

Accessing VR&E through the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES) If you’re wounded, injured, or fall ill while serving and can’t perform your duties, find out how you can access VR&E services as soon as possible through IDES.

Dependent family members Find out if you’re eligible for certain counseling services, training, and education benefits.

VetSuccess on Campus Find out if our counselors can help you transition from military to college life.

For more information about programs and qualifications, contact your local Veterans Affairs office or visit for particulars.

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