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How and Why To Hire Veterans

When military personnel leave the service, their job is not done. They still have to eat, feed their family, participate in society, and keep active. In other words, veterans need to work, and you can benefit as well by hiring some of Berks County’s 36,000+ veterans.

Many companies fear hiring veterans because the stigma of issues like PTSD has been overblown. In fact, there are many reasons to hire these tested heroes and servants who have faced many of the same issues facing workplaces today. Here are some skills veterans have honed during their service:

  • Armed services personnel learn a level of discipline, collaboration, and discipline suited to the most difficult circumstances.
  • Mission-driven focus on desired results keeps veterans from being distracted by nonessentials.
  • Endurance and loyalty have enabled veterans to endure circumstances that are probably more intense than they will face in the workforce.
  • At times, the government offers incentives, such as tax credits, for hiring veterans. These benefits, when offered, can add up.

How to prepare to hire veterans

  • Get a realistic picture of their skills and the application of those skills. Dangerous situations, often with limited resources, sharpen their creative problem-solving ability, a great benefit for entrepreneurs. They are tenacious, collaborative, team players, who usually don’t grab credit and will motivate their colleagues to achieve team goals.
  • Look for sites and organizations that specialize in finding employment for veterans. There are too many to list, but a Google search, as well as sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and CareerLink, is a good place to start.
  • Be honest and transparent during the hiring process. Make sure they understand the goals of the company and your expectations and conditions regarding the veteran’s contribution and tasks.
  • If you can, offer special veterans benefits and opportunities for advancing up the ranks, as it were. Military personnel have learned to be committed, and your company must be committed to their success as well.

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