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Mobile Resource Centers Travel to Veterans

Pennsylvania is home to three of the nation’s more than 50 Mobile Veteran Centers.

Mobile vet centers are part of the Pennsylania Department of Military and Veteran’s affairs Association’s goal to make benefits more accessible to state veterans and their eligible family members. The large mobile “offices” can be set up at convenient locations such as shopping centers, veteran service organizations, sporting events, county fairs, parades, festivals and other events in communities throughout the commonwealth.

It’s often difficult for veterans to find the answers to questions about VA benefits for themselves and their families, as well as resources for counseling and other services.  Many times, those who have returned to civilian life after serving in the military are left searching far and wide for help with individual concerns. The mission of this large mobile office is to ease that difficulty by traveling to nearly a dozen northeastern and central Pennsylvania communities on a regular basis. Accredited veterans service officers provide information and assistance to veterans and family members who may be eligible for benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Such benefits may include service connected disability compensation, improved pensions, death pensions, VA health care benefits, burial benefits, education benefits, vocational rehabilitation and much more.

Based in Scranton PA, the DMVA’s Mobile Vet Center provides counseling services to combat theater veterans throughout Northeastern & Central PA.  The oversized rolling office travels to Veteran Events throughout the region providing outreach to local veterans and visiting underserved areas on a monthly basis. The mobile vet center stops at the Laurel Mall on the second Tuesday of each month. For more information, see: or

Or contact:

Mobile Veterans Outreach Van, DVMA Office for Veterans Affairs
Bldg. 0-47 Fort Indiantown Gap
Annville, PA 17003
Phone: 717-861-8905
FAX: 717-861-8589


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