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What Services Does an Elder Law Attorney Perform?

ombudsman helping long-term care recipient resolve problems

People ask me all the time, “What does it mean to be an elder law attorney?” It does not necessarily mean representing an elderly person; what it does mean is representing elderly people in the process of aging. We seek to answer vital questions, such as, “How do I appropriately handle my estate?” “What do I do if someone gets sick or ill?” “What do I do if I need care, either in a skilled nursing home or perhaps a personal care home?” “How do I handle my estate?” “How do I pick the appropriate facility?”

Those are things that an elder law attorney can assist you with. Those are the things I do, and those are the things that I specialize in. If you’re going to deal with those issues and you want to get the proper and correct advice on how to handle them, you want to see an attorney who specializes in those issues—not just an attorney that handles that as part of their practice and might deal with that issue once or twice a month.

I deal with these issues every day, and it’s very, very important that you find someone who deals with these issues on a consistent basis, who can provide you with the correct and proper advice.

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The law office of elder law attorney Scott C. Painter, P.C., is located in Wyomissing (outside of Reading, PA, in Berks County,) and offers trusted legal services in the areas of elder law, including nursing home planning, trust and estate services, and veterans benefits. Scott C. Painter is a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA®), and he is also a member of the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA). 

If you have an issue or question, we encourage you to call us. With legal matters, time is of the essence. Call us for a consultation at 610-378-5140. The $300 consultation fee is waived if Attorney Painter is retained to perform services.