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Why Hire a Certified Elder Law Attorney?

If you go to a medical specialist, you expect him to be trained and licensed in the type of illness or disease that you have. You should expect no less from a legal professional who will help with planning for your later years.

Attorney Scott Painter has recently been certified under the National Elder Law Foundation (NELF).  NELF’s Certified Elder Law Association (CELA®) certification is the only certification in the US for elder law and special needs attorneys. It is known as “the gold standard” for attorneys practicing in these areas of specialties. An attorney holding CELA® certification has had extensive training in senior law and has a level of experience that meets the highest standards.  In addition, CELA® certified attorneys are trained to recognize issues of concern when counseling older persons or those with disabilities.

In order to gain CELA certification, an attorney must meet the following criteria:

  • Practice – The attorney must have practiced law during the five years preceding their application and must still be practicing law.
  • Integrity/Good Standing – The attorney must be a member in good standing of the bar association in all places in which they are licensed.
  • Substantial Involvement – The attorney must have spent a minimum of 16 hours per week practicing elder law during each of the three years preceding their application. In addition, they must have handled at least 60 elder law matters during each of the three years.
  • Continuing Legal Education – The attorney must have participated in at least 45 hours of continuing legal education in elder law during the preceding three years.
  • Peer Review/Professional References – The attorney must supply five references from attorneys who also meet the criteria for CELA® certification.
  • Exam – The applicant must pass a comprehensive, full-day certification test.

When you hire a CELA® certified attorney, you can be assured that your estate planning and senior legal matters will be handled with the utmost in knowledge and expertise.  After all, having a faulty estate plan may be worse than having no plan at all.

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